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January 12, 2015

Introducing Video: Shotnote releases new feature to share location-based video

Introducing video
Shotnote has just released a new version of its popular location-based photo sharing app. Users can now also share and discover videos of up to 10 seconds in length.
“Shotnote has always been about sharing special moments with friends at specific locations. Video is a fun and great way to keep these moments alive even better – to let friends know how we felt when we were at the place where they are right now”, says Julian von Eckartsberg, CEO and founder.
With Shotnote users can take a photo or video, tag it to a specific location and leave it to their friends. Anytime a friend ends up close enough to that location she will get a push notification and receives the Shot.

From a travel app to general location-based sharing
Originally thought of as an app to better share travel experiences with friends, Shotnote has developed into a general photo sharing app based on the users’ location. The two founders and friends Julian von Eckartsberg and Nils Ziehn were travelling through Europe when they came up with the simple idea for Shotnote: “We wanted to create an app that would allow our friends to receive a photo message anytime they would end up at the same travel spot. Even if these friends would get the message much later.”
Today, people are using the app in many more ways besides during travel – for example couples may use it for leaving love notes at home or at work, younger users simply for surprise pictures at random places, others play scavenger hunts or may use it for local recommendations, e.g. to let friends know when they walk by a great bar. Introducing video to the app is likely to drive usage and engagement even more.

About Shotnote
The company was initiated by the two founders Julian von Eckartsberg (CEO) as well as Nils Ziehn (CTO). In October 2014, Shotnote announced the closing of an angel round.


October 27, 2014

Shotnote secures seed funding from prominent business angel investors

Today, the photo sharing app Shotnote announced that it has just closed a six-digit seed financing round with two German business angels. Among the investors is Marcus Englert, general partner at Texas Atlantic Capital and former member of the executive board at ProSiebenSAT.1 Media AG.
“This investment is the result of our extremely promising public beta test we’re currently seeing. It will allow us to officially launch Shotnote next month as well as to further develop the product”, says Julian von Eckartsberg, CEO and founder of Shotnote.

Shotnote is a unique photo sharing app with a simple and fun location-based sharing and discovery concept: With Shotnote users can take a photo, tag it to a specific location and leave it to their friends. Friends will discover the Shot once they end up close enough to that location and are then notified immediately.
Shotnote is currently preparing for the official launch in early November and has been in public beta since September. Initial usage insights have been very positive with great user feedback and engagement, especially by high school students. While these young Shotnoters are using the app mainly for funny pictures, Shotnote can also be used for other reasons such as party invitations or local recommendations, e.g. to let friends know when they walk by a great restaurant. Also, friends can organize small scavenger hunts and couples can surprise each other with love notes.

The company has recently been selected for the ALPHA program at the web summit in Dublin, which presents a unique opportunity for the young startup. “We are thrilled to be attending this event. It’s an incredible platform to launch our app to the public. We’re also looking forward to meeting with other founders and potential partners”, says Nils Ziehn, CTO and co-founder of Shotnote.

Shotnote was initiated by the CEO and founder Julian von Eckartsberg together with CTO and co-founder Nils Ziehn. Previously, Julian has founded an online classifieds company and worked at a leading management consulting firm. Nils is a highly experienced iOS developer and software engineer as well as founder of three companies.